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4S Ranch Recreational Soccer

4SRYSA Force Rec – Fall 2023 Game Rules
2017 and younger Divisions
Game Length:
2 - 24 minute halves. 5 minute half time.
Game Format:
5 v 5 with mini goals. No goalies. No player may use their hands while the ball is in play.
Goal Arch:
The purpose of the goal arch is to prevent injuries by reducing the risk of players running into the goal. And to prevent
players from playing “goalie” and blocking the goal. Players are not allowed to stand inside the arch to defend the goal or
wait for the ball. A player may enter the arch in an attempt to kick the ball in the goal, or kick the ball out of the goal area.
Build Out Line:
Must be roughly half the distance between the end line and the half line and used for goal kicks. All offensive players may
be in the offensive half but behind the build out line for goal kicks until the ball is in play.
No offsides called.
Deliberate heading is NOT allowed.
If a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot
of the offense (an indirect free kick means that a goal can’t be scored unless another player touches the ball after the kick
is taken. So, the player taking the indirect kick can’t shoot directly for a goal).
Out of Bounds:
All kick-ins from the sides, goal kicks anywhere on the goal line, corner kicks at the corner, and kick-offs are indirect free
kicks. Goal kicks may not cross the midfield line in the air. Reattempt goal kick.
Goal Scoring:
Goals must be scored from the offensive half of the field. Goals shot from the defensive half are not allowed. The restart is
a goal kick by the defensive team. A goal may not be scored off of a kick in after the ball was out of bounds. This should
be treated like an indirect kick meaning someone other than the person kicking the ball in, must make contact with the ball
before it goes in the goal in order for it to count.
Five Yard Rule:
In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s
goal area is closer than five yards, the ball shall be placed five yards from the goal area in line with the place of the
Penalty and Foul Kicks:
2017 and younger – there are no penalty kicks. All foul kicks are indirect (must touch another player) except for corner
kicks. Penalty kicks will be taken from the midfield line.
Rec Rule:
Whenever there is a goal differential of 4 or more, the team leading can drop to 4 players and play and player down (4v5).
The leading team can play back to full strength once the differential has been reduced to 3.
Goal Cap:
All players are allowed to score a maximum of 4 goals in a game. Loss of possession and a goal kick will be awarded for
any goal(s) beyond the player limit.
Scoring, Points
Scores, points, and standings are not kept in 2016 and younger games.
Any number of substitutions are allowed throughout the game. Substitutions should only occur during stop of play.
Ball Size for games: Size 3. Size 3 ball for 2017-19.
Team Uniforms and Equipment:
All players must wear team shirts, shin guards and cleats or turf shoes during play. Shin guards must be worn under the
socks. Cleats should be soccer or turf cleats. For safety reasons, no baseball cleats are allowed or any cleats with front
toe cleats are not allowed.

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